Cuba ratifies its commitment to nuclear disarmament

Havana, June 21, 2022.- The Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, ratified Cuba's firm commitment to nuclear disarmament, speaking at the opening day of the First Meeting of States of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Weapons Nuclear, which takes place from June 21 to 23 in Vienna, Austria.

The Cuban representative highlighted that the entry into force of the Treaty, on January 22, 2021, marked a milestone, as it is the first international legal instrument to establish that nuclear weapons are not only inhuman, immoral and ethically indefensible; but also illegal.

Q&A: Cuban foreign minister discusses Summit of the Americas exclusion/Los Angeles Times

The Biden administration stuck to its decision to exclude Cuba from the summit, even though it triggered boycotts by several of the region’s top leaders, including Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Describe Havana’s reaction to the exclusion and the impact it had on the success of the summit.

The principle of inclusivity in events like this is indisputable. Cuba belongs to the hemisphere, like the other countries. Therefore all should be invited on equal footing.

US community of Brookline calls for full reestablishment of relations with Cuba

Washington, June 10

The town of Brookline, in Massachusetts, is calling on Friday for total rapprochement between the United States and Cuba, so it approved a new law that calls on the White House to comply with this goal.

According to Cuban Ambassador to the United States Lianys Torres the law that was approved on Thursday promotes bilateral cooperation on several areas, such as health care, pharmaceutical production, and education.

Regulations on travel and remittances to Cuba do not change the essence of the blockade

Havana, June 9 (RHC)-- The publication on Thursday of new regulations on U.S. travel and remittances to Cuba do not constitute a significant change in the essence of the U.S. economic, financial and commercial blockade against the Caribbean island.

Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, tweeted that the regulations on the measures announced on May 16 by the U.S. administration on Cuba confirm their extremely limited character and that the full enforcement of the economic blockade and that the most aggressive aspects of Trump's measures remain in place.

Travel-remittance regulations to Cuba do not change essence of blockade

Havana, June 8

Thursday's publication of the new regulations on US travel and remittances to Cuba do not constitute a significant change in the essence of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against the Caribbean nation.

In May, US President Joseph Biden announced the lifting of several restrictions concerning the island, which was part of his electoral campaign promises; however, this does not mean that the most aggressive aspects of the more than 200 measures imposed by Republican Donald Trump during his term in office loss validity.

Declaration of the 21st Summit of Heads of State and Government of ALBA-TCP


Havana, May 27, 2022.- The Heads of State and Government and the Heads of Delegations of the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples' Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), gathered in Havana, Cuba, on May 27, 2022, at its 21st Summit:

University of Havana holds seminar for the study of the Helms-Burton Law

Havana. - The First International Seminar "Legal Implications of the Helms-Burton Law in the North American legal system and its impact in the light of international law" began its sessions at the University of Havana. In an inaugural conference, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Doctor of Science Carlos Fernández de Cossío, highlighted, first of all, the imprint of Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada in the constant study of this instrument in the country.

Cuba thanks world solidarity against the US blockade

Havana, May 2 

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez thanked the world for its support in the fight against the US blockade, while speaking at the International Solidarity Meeting.

Rodriguez expressed his gratitude to the organizations attending the meeting in this capital for the organization of days against the blockade, declarations, marches, donations and support caravans.


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