Cuban FM praises global clamor against US blockade

Havana, April 24 

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez on Sunday described global clamor against US blockade imposed on Cuba for over 60 years as overwhelming.

On Twitter, the Cuban foreign minister referred to the success of the call by Bridges of Love solidarity initiative, led by Cuban-American Carlos Lazo, in different parts of the world.

Bridges of love with our people are multiplying worldwide, Bruno Rodríguez tweeted, who stressed that “friends, compatriots and solidarity bodies call for the end of the policy that stifles Cuba´s development.”

The blockade also impacts agricultural companies and farmers in the U.S.

Farmers and business leaders in the United States and Cuba agreed that the blockade imposed by the U.S. government on our country seriously limits agricultural commerce and hinders development of the potential that exists, during the Third Cuba-US Agricultural Trade Conference in Havana

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel met with participants in the conference, thanking them for their efforts demanding an end to the blockade and promoting trade. 

New "Bridges of Love" Caravans demand an end to US blockade

In the cities of Miami, New York and Seattle, several initiatives were developed to demand the end of the blockade against Cuba. Solidarity friends once again organized caravans and demonstrations that have the objective of demanding the lifting of the measures of economic suffocation that make life more difficult for Cubans.

On her Twitter account, the Cuban Chargé d'Affaires in Washington thanked these initiatives in support of Cuba.

Ambassador of Cuba offers political seminar on the blockade

Pretoria, 25 February, 2022.- The Cuban Ambassador to South Africa, Enrique Orta González, participated in a new edition of the "Michael Harmel" political studies seminar, an event organized by the South African Communist Party (SACP) on various topics. Harmel, who was the first editor of the then illegal magazine, "The African Communist", played a key role in forging and maintaining the unique ties that developed between the ANC and the Communist Party during the 1950s.

Ambassador of Cuba holds meeting with the Secretary General of NEHAWU

Pretoria, February 24, 2022.- The Cuban Ambassador Enrique Orta González met today with Zola Saphetha, General Secretary of the South African Health and Education Workers Union (NEHAWU) .

NEHAWU has maintained its solidarity with Cuba in the most difficult moments, through the firm support it gives to the struggle to lift the United States blockade against Cuba, the defense of our right to self-determination and the construction of the road to socialism.

Conference of Mayors calls for normalization of US-Cuba ties

Washington, February 24

The World Conference of Mayors and the Historical Alliance of Black Peoples and Settlements issued a resolution in favor of the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba.

In addition, they advocated the establishment of links in trade, tourism, technology transfer and training between the towns and cities of both nations and other mayors of the world, which would mean building bridges of goodwill.

Seattle caravans call for the end of US blockade against Cuba

Washington, February 15

Caravans calling for the end of the US blockade against Cuba will take to the streets of Seattle on February 27, as part of a movement in support of Cuba.

“Help us spread the word that it is time to stop punishing the Cuban people for making a revolution. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it is rather important than ever to stop stifling the Cuban people,” organizers said.

Cuban Head of Mission in Liberia thanks African Union for for approving the resolution against the blockade to Cuba.

Monrovia, February 10, 2022 - The Head of the Cuban Mission in Liberia, Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera, held an exchange with Mr. Joaquin Sendolo, journalist of the African country.

The occasion was propitious to thank the African Union for its support. For the thirteenth consecutive time, it called at its Summit to lift the prolonged and unjustifiable policy imposed by the US against Cuba. 

Media Statement: Committee on International Relations Expresses Its Concern About US Embargo on Cuba

Parliament, Tuesday, 8 February 2022 – The 7th of February marked 60 years since the United States (US) has enforced its unilateral economic embargo against Cuba and which severely restricts the flow of goods to the island.

The extraterritorial laws of the US punish foreign companies that do business with Cuba. The United Nations General Assembly has consistently passed a resolution every year since 1992, demanding the end of the US economic embargo against Cuba.


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