Cuba in United Kingdom

Cuba Solidarity Campaign calls for brave Cuban medical brigades to be awarded Nobel Peace Prize

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign is adding its name to the growing worldwide call for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to the Cuban international medical brigades that are fighting the coronavirus pandemic in many countries across the world.

Cuba has already sent over 2000 medics, to more than 20 countries to help in the fight against the pandemic, including Jamaica, Belize, Italy and Andorra.

MPs send solidarity and appreciation to Cuba for humanitarian work during covid-19 pandemic

Grahame Morris MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cuba in the British parliament sent a message of solidarity to the Cuban people and appreciation for the work of Cuban medical brigades during the coronavirus pandemic on 20 May.

In a video message recorded for the Cuban parliament, he contrasts the international solidarity shown by Cuba to countries fighting the virus to the US’s tightening of its blockade against the island even further in recent months.

Extraterritorial impact of the blockade is “contrary to international law” says UK Government

The British government reiterated its opposition to the US blockade of Cuba in a reply to a parliamentary question on 18 May.

Wendy Morton, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said that US counterparts were “aware of our opposition to the embargo” and that the British government was “working actively with the Cuban Government” to “support UK companies wishing to do legitimate business with Cuba.”

British government reiterates its opposition to the US blockade on Cuba

The British Conservative government reiterated its opposition to the unilateral US blockade against Cuba and assured that its US counterpart is aware of the UK position on the issue, we knew today.

According to information disclosed on Tuesday by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, a British Foreign Office official assured the House of Commons that the Executive authority headed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not support this measure against the Caribbean island.