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New Family Code approved in Cuba by 66.87% of valid votes

Havana, Sep 26 (Prensa Latina) The president of the National Electoral Council (CEN) of Cuba, Alina Balseiro, reported today that the Family Code was ratified with 3,936,700 votes in favor in the Sunday referendum, representing 66.87 percent of the valid votes.

The official said that 6,251,786 turned out to vote, which represents 74.01 percent of the electorate of 8,447,467 people. The number of valid ballots rose to 5,891,705.

Americans visiting Cuba witness the referendum for the new Family Code

The North American delegation of the International Committee of the organization "Democratic Socialists of America", which is in Cuba, began its program of activities on the island with a visit to the electoral college that is located in the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP). ), where the voting process for the New Family Code takes place.

The members of this group received information about how the election process is developing in Cuba, where the people have the right to freely and democratically choose their laws.

Source: Siempre con Cuba

New iniciatives in the US to demand an end to the blockade

On September 25, a new day of initiatives took place in the United States and several countries around the world, in which citizens, groups and organizations in solidarity with Cuba demanded the end of the blockade and the removal of the country from the list of states sponsors of terrorism.

In Miami, the traditional caravan promoted by "Puentes de Amor" took place in support of the lifting of all the restrictions imposed by the US government on Cuban families. In New York, Chicago, Seattle and Boston, the voice of friends of Cuba in defense of justice was also heard.

Cuban Embassy attends "Cuba vive" concert, by Nachito Herrera

The Deputy Chief of Mission of the Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C., Alejandro García del Toro attended a concert by the Cuban pianist Nachito Herrera, at the Ordway Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was the presentation of the “Cuba Vive” Gala, produced by Nachito and his wife Aurora González and with the participation of the Habana Jazz All Stars band.

This band is made up of prominent Cuban musicians Daymar Calvario, Igort Rivas, Luis Ernesto Beltran and German Velazco. Among the pieces performed were “Esperanza”, “Puerto Padre”, “My Way and "Silencio”.

Foreign Minister attends solidarity event in Harlem

United Nations, September 25

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Sunday praised a public event in support of Cuba and Venezuela in the New York community of Harlem, in the United States, organized by friends of the two countries.

On his Twitter account, the head of Cuban diplomacy pointed out that during the rally, which took place on Saturday, “the hypocrisy of bourgeois democracy and the aggression of imperialism against the peoples of the world were denounced,” including the US blockade against Cuba.