Cuba in Vietnam

Cuba awards Friendship Medal to former Vietnamese Minister of Construction

By decision of Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel, former Vietnamese Minister of Construction, Pham Hong Ha, on Thursday received the Friendship Medal from Cuban Ambassador here, Orlando Hernandez Guillen. The diplomat highlighted Hong Ha’s contributions to the friendship and the deepening of cooperation between both countries when he served as co-chair of the binational Intergovernmental Commission from 2016 to 2021.

Cuban Foreign Minister denounces U.S. government exclusion of Cuba from preparations for Ninth Summit of the Americas

I have to report that Washington has decided to exclude the Republic of Cuba from the preparations for the 9th Summit of the Americas to be held in Los Angeles on 8th to 10th June and is presently exerting extreme pressures on numerous governments in the region which, privately and respectfully, oppose our exclusion. The US government is deceiving public opinion and the governments of the hemisphere.

Cuba's victory at Playa Giron remembered in Vietnam

Friends of Cuba in Vietnam celebrated in Hanoi the 61st anniversary of the Bay of Pigs victory in a ceremony where several books on the realities and friendship between the two countries were also presented.

Vo Hai Ha, president of the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association (AAVC), highlighted the significance of that deed, which he described as the first great defeat of U.S. imperialism in the Western Hemisphere and the basis on which the Revolution would conceive its doctrine of "war of the whole people".

Vietnamese, Cuban ministries target stronger cooperation

Minister of Public Security General To Lam has suggested that his ministry and the Cuban Ministry of the Interior should continue their mutual support in the areas of their strength.

At a reception for Pedro Soca Pascual, representative of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior in Hanoi on April 8, Lam said that during the Covid-19 pandemic, the two sides have effectively carried out cooperation activities both online and in person.

Defence Minister of Vietnam receives Cuban Construction Minister

Minister of National Defense General Phan Van Giang received Cuban Minister of Construction René Antonio Mesa Villafana in Hanoi on March 28.

Gen. Giang hailed the time-honoured friendship between Vietnam and Cuba over the past decades, and said despite its difficulties Cuba has lent its helping hand to Vietnam’s COVID-19 fight.