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We are Fidel!

November 25 marks the second anniversary of the death of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz and celebrations of his life have begun, with a focus on reaffirming Cuba’s commitment to continuing his legacy

Declaration from the Ministry of Public Health

Jair Bolsonaro, president elect of Brazil, who has made direct, contemptuous and threatening comments against the presence of our doctors, has declared and reiterated that he will modify the terms and conditions of the More Doctors program , disregarding the Pan-American Health Organization.

Havana is home to the most African embassies in Latin America

Havana is home to the most African embassies in Latin America

Despite the geographical distance and economic limitations, regionally Cuba is home to the most African embassies, a continent with which it shares many historic and cultural ties. 
With the opening of the Kenyan Embassy in the Cuban capital, set to take place this Friday March 16, there will now be 22 nations from Sub-Saharan Africa with diplomatic missions in the country, according to information by the Cuban Foreign Ministry. 

Statement to the press by Josefina Vidal Ferreiro, Director General for US Affairs at Cuba's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the provisions and regulations issued by the Departments of State, the Treasury and Commerce on November 8, 2017.

Today, November 8, the Departments of State, the Treasury and Commerce issued new provisions and regulations to implement the measures aimed at strengthening the blockade on Cuba announced on the past June 6, by President Trump and included in the executive order entitled “National Security Presidential Memorandum on Strengthening the Policy of the United States Toward Cuba”, which established the policy of his government towards our country.
These provisions and regulations that will enter into force as from tomorrow November 9, are contained in three documents: