Cuba in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe-Cuba Parliamentary Friendship Group supports nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade

The members of the Zimbabwe-Cuba Parliamentary Friendship Group, led by its President, Senator Chen Chimutenwengde, met with the Cuban Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Carmelina Ramirez. Legislators and senators ratified their solidarity with Cuba, rejected the policy of economic sanctions applied by the United States and expressed support for the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade.

Informative note for Cuban citizens residing in the national territory who are abroad

Taking into account the negative socio-economic impact derived from COVID-19 worldwide, in particular everything related to the closure of borders and the suspension of flights, it has been decided that Cuban citizens residing in the national territory who are abroad at the time of this announcement, may exceptionally return to Cuba with their passport expired and without extension.

This measure, which will be in force until further notice, helps to facilitate the entry into the country of those compatriots who, due to the pandemic, have been unable to return to their places of habitual residence.

As of the reopening of all the international airports in Cuba, and the resumption of regular air operations, travel possibilities are expanded.

In the case of Cuban citizens who reside permanently abroad, they must travel with their valid and current passport. In this sense, they are responsible for carrying out the necessary procedures at the consulates closest to their places of residence.

 Ministry of Foreign Relations of Cuba

Cuba and Zimbabwe strengthen economic ties

The Cuban Ambassador in Zimbabwe, Carmelina Ramirez, held a friendly meeting with Mr. Allan Majuro, Chief Executive Officer of ZimTrade (Zimbabwe National Trade Promotion and Development Organization). The exchange addressed opportunities for cooperation in the context of South-South relations.

Excellent meeting of the Cuban Ambassador with the Zimbabwean Minister of Public Works

The Ambassador of Cuba in Zimbabwe, Carmelina Ramírez Rodríguez, held a friendly meeting with the Minister of Public Works, Honorable July G. Moyo. In this meeting, historical passages that unite both nations were recalled and messages of friendship and solidarity were exchanged. Minister July G. Moyo highlighted the performance of Cuban physicians since 1987, when medical collaboration began in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Vice President Highlights Historic Ties With Cuba

The Cuban Ambassador in Harare, Carmelina Ramírez Rodríguez, paid a courtesy call to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, who is also the Minister of Health and Child Care.

Vice President Chiwenga highlighted the strong historical ties that unite both countries. He praised the performance of Cuban doctors in Zimbabwe and thanked Cuba for its solidarity. He criticized the siege to Cuban medical collaboration around the world and reiterated that Cuban doctors are a treasure for his country that no one is going to take away from them; on the contrary, they will continue to cooperate. Chiwenga condemned the illegal US blockade against Cuba, recalled the mutual support in the fight against the sanctions of Western countries and argued that both countries are going through very hard times, subjected to economic sanctions that impede development.

On her side, Ramírez expressed Cuba's willingness to increase the members of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Zimbabwe, by virtue of the cooperation agreement between both nations. The Cuban representative highlighted the good state of bilateral relations and ratified that the Caribbean island will always be open to help Zimbabwe.