Banners in solidarity with Cuba in the streets of New York

New York, USA, Sep 17 (Prensa Latina) Hundreds of banners and posters in solidarity with Cuba and against the United States blockade appeared today in the streets of New York in support of the people of the Caribbean country and its president, Miguel Díaz-Canel.

The Cuban president arrived this Sunday in the American city to attend the High Level segment of the 78th United Nations General Assembly, scheduled to start tomorrow.

“His voice will be that of the majority of the voices of the people on our planet who want peace, justice, development, sovereignty and a world without sanctions or blockades,” wrote activist Manolo de Los Santos on the social network X.

Miguel Díaz-Canel, welcome colleague, underlined De Los Santos’ message on behalf of the organization The People’s Forum.

Other writings on the social network Facebook and WhatsApp groups also reflect the welcome given the head of State.

“We Cubans of good will wish you a successful stay, down with the blockade,” said Elena Freyre, president of the Marti Coalition.

Díaz-Canel will also speak in the General Assembly, representing the G77 and China, the largest and most diverse group within the United Nations system, with 134 member countries.

Cuba holds the presidency of the G77 and China until the beginning of next year, and its leadership was recognized by the Secretary General, António Guterres, during his recent attendance to the group’s summit held on September 15 and 16, in Havana.

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