Continues the repercussion in Indonesia of the virtual Panel "Cuba Will Win" with rejection of almost six decades of the US blockade against Cuba

Jakarta, October 5.- The digital newspaper “Republik Merdeka” published a second article highlighting the rejection of the almost six decades of the US blockade against Cuba, patented during the Virtual Panel “Cuba will win” by friends of the island in Southeast Asia , held virtually last Saturday.

The article states that the blockade imposed on Cuba since 1962, unilaterally, was the most deeply addressed issue during the exchange, as it has been visible that the US Government, in an opportunistic, inhuman and politically motivated manner, identified the current Pandemic as an opportunity to reinforce the suffering of the entire Cuban people.

The text states that the economic, commercial and financial siege that the United States has imposed on Cuba for more than six decades and reinforced during the current Pandemic, was classified as a "criminal and genocidal policy of siege" by the vice president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship. with the Peoples, Víctor Gaute López. This unfair and unilateral policy of the United States has not changed with the intention of making the Cuban people suffer.

Víctor Gaute López added that, although Cuba has advantages in the field of biotechnology, with demonstrated capacity to develop and guarantee the supply of its own Covid-19 vaccines and biotechnological drugs, many other areas have been seriously affected by the US blockade. . He admitted that the situation in Cuba today is very complex, facing difficulties in accessing food, fuel, technology, financing, all of which impact the daily life of Cubans.
At the same time, Gaute López thanked the solidarity of friendly countries that have offered their support to Cuba.

The article also reveals that despite the difficult situation Cuba is facing today, it also strives to continue supporting other countries in the management against Covid-19. Cuba has begun to export domestically manufactured Covid-19 vaccines.

Likewise, the text includes the intervention of the deputy head of the Department of International Relations of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Juan Carlos Marsán Aguilera, who declared that Cuba has expressed its willingness to sign bilateral agreements with several countries to supply vaccines and share technology. He added that several countries have already signed agreements with Cuba for the use of their vaccines, such as Venezuela, Iran, Argentina and Mexico.

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