Cuba denounces a sharp rise in US hostility.

Havana, May 20.- The tightening of the blockade is only one of the US hostile actions against Cuba, as Washington recently increased aggressions against the country, denounced this Thursday a top official of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

Cuban Foreign Ministry's Director of the United States Carlos Fernandez de Cossio noted that the economic blockade is the greatest expression of US aggressions, which has cost Cubans over four billion dollars.

He criticized how the Trump administration takes such extreme measures as trying to prevent the arrival in Cuba of the fuel necessary for the country's operation.

Fernandez de Cossio also condemned the drastic reduction by the current US executive of bilateral exchanges between the two States on issues such as law enforcement, the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism, academic, cultural, religious, sporting, scientific-technical and healthcare exchanges.

All those actions have been affecting Cubans residing in both countries, having being worsened curiously in an election year, he said.

Likewise, the diplomat criticized the difficulties in acquiring US-made products allocated to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Regarding the campaign encouraged by the White House to slander the international medical cooperation of Cuba, the diplomat explained how it is unacceptable to them that Cuba has a vigorous healthcare system capable of providing services to millions of people in the world, based on bilateral and legitimate agreements. 

He also described the inclusion of Cuba in the list of countries that do not contribute to fightiung terrorism as a deliberate and dishonest act, which has little practical but much political impact.

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