Havana, Jan 29 (ACN) Renowned Singer and songwriter Silvio Rodriguez, founder of the Cuban New Song Movement, has joined the International Committee promoting the nomination of the island’s Henry Reeve Medical Contingent (#BrigadaHenryReeve) to the Nobel Peace Prize.

Activists, lawmakers, scholars and personalities from around the world have joined the campaign for the Nobel Peace Prize to be granted to the Cuban doctors for their supportive and humanitarian work in different countries of the world, particularly fighting lethal diseases like the current COVID 19 pandemic.

Official statistics say that some 26 brigades of the Internationalist Henry Reeve Medical contingent are currently working in over 20 countries where they have assisted more than 26 thousand COVID 19 patients and have saved over 976 lives.

Noam Chomsky recently said that Cuba is the only country in the world which has given real internationalist help during the coronavirus crisis.

The nomination to the Nobel Peace Prize can only be submitted by parliamentarians, scholars, magistrates, laureates with the prize and active or retired members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, and such nomination must be done before January 31st each year.

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