Interferon alfa 2B: The Cuban medicine used in China against coronavirus.

Interferon alfa 2B: The Cuban medicine used in China against coronavirus.

The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, acknowledged the self-denial of the Government of China in the confrontation with the coronavirus 2019-NCOV, with tangible results in the cure of more than 1,500 patients.

In his Twitter account, the Cuban president wrote: «Interferon alfa 2B: The Cuban medicine used in China against coronavirus. Our support to the Chinese Government and people in their efforts to combat the coronavirus », which highlighted the use of biotechnology products from the Greater Antilles to solve world health problems.

The medicine is one of about 30 drugs chosen by the Chinese National Health Commission to cure the respiratory condition and, according to statements on Cuban television by Dr. Luis Herrera Martínez, scientific and commercial advisor to the President of BioCubaFarma, his selection It is due to the effectiveness shown previously against viruses with similar characteristics.

"It has the advantage that in situations like these it is a mechanism to be able to protect itself, its use prevents patients with possibilities of aggravating and complicating from reaching that stage, and finally having death as a result," said the specialist.

Herrera Martínez said that a technology transfer was made to Jilin province years ago, from which the Chinese-Cuban ChangHeber plant, in the town of Changchun, emerged. In this factory “the same product as us is made, with exactly the same technology, and that responds to the quality standards that were approved by the Chinese and Cuban regulatory authorities”.

«The Chinese-Cuban Changheber plant in Jilin has been producing Interferon alpha (IFNrec) from the first day of the Lunar New Year with the use of Cuban technology. The Health Commission of China has selected our product among those used in the fight against coronavirus, ”confirmed the Presidency of Cuba on its Twitter account.

According to the Cuban ambassador to China, Carlos Miguel Pereira, the Changheber mixed plant began the preparation of the Cuban drug since January 25, taking into account "its potential to cure the respiratory condition."

According to specialists, IFNrec is applied against viral infections caused by HIV, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis caused by human papillomavirus, accumulated condyloma and hepatitis types B and C, in addition to being effective in therapies against different types of cancer.

In the past day the National Health Commission received from 31 provinces reports on 28,018 confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by the new type of coronavirus.

Of this total, 3,859 people are in serious condition, 563 died and 1,153 were discharged, says the statement from the National Health Commission of China.

At the end of 2019, China announced having detected a new strain of coronavirus, listed as 2019-nCoV, in Wuhan City. The disease can be transmitted from person to person and is contagious without symptoms during the incubation phase, up to 14 days.

On January 30, the World Health Organization (WHO) decreed an international emergency for the spread of the new coronavirus.

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