The new edition of the Herning 2022 Tourism Fair

The new edition of the Herning 2022 Tourism Fair

The Ambassador of Cuba in the Kingdom of Denmark, Roger López García, attended the inauguration of the new edition of the "Danish Travel Show" Tourism Fair, which took place from February 25 to 27, at the city's Exhibition Center of Herning.

In the opening ceremony of the event, where the accredited diplomatic corps was present, the representative of the largest of the Antilles, was able to greet Mayor Dorte West, the highest authority of the local Government, of the Danish city located in the center of the peninsula of Jutlandia, in addition to holding exchanges with the organizing authorities, and tour operators of the Cuba destination present.

The Cuban diplomat spoke in the segment of the Fair, dedicated to the presentation of the product of the company "Cuban Rum Nordic", a client of Cuba Ron, where he highlighted the benefits and capacity of the Cuban market, the proximity of the 40th edition of FITCuba 2022, which will take place in the famous Varadero resort, and the achievements of the vaccination plan with our own resources, despite the limitations suffered.

The location of Cuban Rum Nordic, like a typical Cuban bar, offered the services of the national cocktail recipe, with its traditional samples, and facilitated the artistic presentations of a musical group, made up of Cuban residents, who motivated dance spaces during the event.

The fairground, which opens its doors after two years, is considered the main event for the tourism industry not only in Denmark, but in the entire Scandinavian region, and has become the preferred meeting place for companies dedicated to different activities such as camping, outdoor living, golf, hotels, airlines, holiday transport, caravans, as part of the Danish travel trade.

This Fair, created in 1998, is attended by more than 60,000 visitors, almost 3,000 professionals from the leisure industry, and more than 1,100 exhibitors in the 14 dedicated pavilions.

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