Cuba en Kuwait

Members of the Henry Reeve medical brigade in Kuwait returned today to Cuba.

Today returned to Cuba, our homeland, the members of the Henry Reeve medical brigade who worked for a year in Kuwait, facing the coronavirus pandemic in the red line. Honor to the brave men and women in white coats. Pride of Cuba. Without knowing it, they leave an indelible mark of love, affection and sympathy towards them and our country.

Ambassadors of Cuba and Central Africa Republic holds conversations

Ambassadors of Cuba and Central Africa Republic holds conversations

The Cuban Ambassador to Kuwait, José Luis Noriega Sánchez, held an exchange with the new Ambassador of the Central African Republic in Kuwait, Professor Mark Zhoock Daniel. In the pleasant meeting, both officials ratified the excellent relations of friendship and brotherhood that unite the countries they represent and wished for their continued development.

Havana, Jan 29 (ACN) Renowned Singer and songwriter Silvio Rodriguez, founder of the Cuban New Song Movement, has joined the International Committee promoting the nomination of the island’s Henry Reeve Medical Contingent (#BrigadaHenryReeve) to the Nobel Peace Prize.

Activists, lawmakers, scholars and personalities from around the world have joined the campaign for the Nobel Peace Prize to be granted to the Cuban doctors for their supportive and humanitarian work in different countries of the world, particularly fighting lethal diseases like the current COVID 19 pandemic.