Cuba’s Moncada Barracks attack marked in Ben Tre

The People’s Committee of Ben Tre on September 6 held a ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of the attack on Moncada Barracks of Cuba and 40 years since the establishment of Moncada Village in the southern province.

Seventy years ago, the attack by young Cuban patriots led by Fidel Castro, the great leader of Cuba, opened up a new stage of development in the Cuban revolution. It brought the just struggle of the Cuban people to victory on January 1, 1959, marking a milestone in the country’s history.

Speaking at the event, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Tran Ngoc Tam said that while Cuba has a village named Ben Tre since December 20, 1969, the province has the Moncada Village in Luong Hoa commune, Giong Trom district.

Tam affirmed that the Vietnam-Cuba special friendship, nurtured by President Ho Chi Minh and Leader Fidel Castro, is a valuable asset that the Parties, States and people of the two countries have strived to preserve and protect.

He proposed young generations maintain, promote and enrich the tradition of solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Cuba, contributing more to the cause of national construction and safeguarding in each country.

Ariadne Feo Labrada, Cuban Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, expressed her delight to see that one of the most important ceremonies of the Cuban people was celebrated in Ben Tre province.

She thanked the Communist Party and people of Vietnam for consistently supporting Cuba in its struggle for national protection and construction, believing that the solidarity and friendship between the two countries will develop further and gain greater achievements.

On this occasion, the Moncada - Cuba Village memorial house was inaugurated, showcasing documents, objects and photos that feature cohesion between the people of Vietnam in general and Ben Tre in particular with the Cuban people.

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