Online quiz spotlights Vietnam - Cuba friendship

An online interactive quiz on the Vietnam - Cuba friendship will take place from September 14 to 18.

It will be among activities celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Committee for Solidarity with South Vietnam (1963 - 2023), and 50 years since Cuban leader Fidel Castro first visited Vietnam and the newly liberated zone in Quang Tri province (September 1973 - 2023).

The contest, held by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU) Central Committee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to improve young people’s awareness of the great friendship between the two countries' people as well as President Fidel Castro’s sentiment towards President Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam. It also looks to promote cooperation between young people of the two countries, thereby helping nurture the special friendship.

Open to all Vietnamese and foreigners in Vietnam, the contest focuses on the history of the countries’ relations, Party and State leaders of both countries, outstanding contributors to bilateral ties, and cooperation achievements in all spheres during the countries’ socialism building and national development.

It also covers knowledge about cooperation between the countries’ Parties, States, Governments, and localities; the nature, people, culture, history, and socio-economic achievements of Cuba; along with the importance of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations and the signing of the Vietnam - Cuba treaty on friendship and cooperation.

The contest will be livestreamed on the Facebook pages of the HCYU Central Committee (“Cong thong tin dien tu Trung uong Doan”) and the committee’s board of information and education (“Ban Tuyen giao TW Doan”) from 8:30pm to 9:20pm on September 14, 16, and 18.

During each livestreamed session, the host will read 10 multiple-choice questions, and competitors will type their answers in comments within 15 seconds. The one giving the biggest number of correct answers in the shortest period of time will be the winner.

Participants will receive 200,000 VND (8.3 USD) for each correct answer, and the prize for the session winner is 2 million VND.

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