President of Vietnamese Fatherland Front reaffirms solidarity with Cuba against blockade

The Party, the State, the Government and the people of Vietnam condemn the blockade against Cuba and stand in solidarity with the Cuban people in the face of the difficulties that this policy generates, assured in Hanoi the president of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front, Doan Van Chien.

In a world tending to cooperation, unilateral measures such as the blockade are unjust and cause difficulties for the peoples, said the Vietnamese leader upon receiving the island's new ambassador, Orlando Hernández Guillén.

Vietnam will always be by the side of Cuba side by side, said the also member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, upon learning that in a few hours the island would present a draft Resolution on the need to to end the blockade.

For his part, the Cuban Ambassador thanked the Front for its historic solidarity towards Cuba and its willingness to consolidate ties with that organization in order to transfer the traditions of brotherhood between the two peoples, forged by Fidel and Ho Chi Minh, to new generations.

Hernández Guillén expressed the will to resume cooperation and the exchange of delegations between the Front of the Homeland of Vietnam and the Committees for the Defense of the Cuban Revolution (CDR) once epidemiological conditions allow it.

The Cuban diplomat sent his interlocutor a fraternal greeting from the national coordinator of the CDR and Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Gerardo Hernández Nordelo.

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