State leader hosts Chief of General Staff of Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces

President Vo Van Thuong pledged favourable conditions for Vietnam - Cuba defence cooperation while receiving Sen. Lt. Gen. Roberto Legra Sotolongo, Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Minister of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, who is on a working visit to Vietnam, in Hanoi on October 24.

The host highlighted the significance of the trip, which follows the 60th founding anniversary of the Cuban Committee for Solidarity with South Vietnam (September 1963) – the predecessor of the Cuba - Vietnam Friendship Association, and 50 years since Cuban leader Fidel Castro first visited Vietnam and the liberated zone in South Vietnam in Quang Tri (September 1973).

He described the visit as a vivid demonstration of the close-knit and faithful relations between the two countries and the two militaries, expressing his belief that it will be successful and contribute to relations and cooperation between the two countries.

Sotolongo affirmed the special Vietnam - Cuba solidarity, founded by Presidents Ho Chi Minh and Fidel Castro and nurtured by generations of leaders and the people of the two countries.

Informing his host about the outcomes of the meetings and talks between the delegation of the Cuban Ministry of Revolutionary Armed Forces and leaders of the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defence, he said the two sides discussed and agreed on cooperation areas to further intensify the traditional friendship and special solidarity.

President Thuong emphasised that the Vietnamese and Cuban peoples have consistently stayed united and supported each other during revolutionary periods and trying times. The Party, State, and people of Vietnam are delighted at the substantive development of the special solidarity and cooperation in multiple fields.

Before, during or after the pandemic, both sides maintained frequent mutual visits at all levels. In particular, the two ministries have kept close relations and mutual assistance in various fields, and obtained practical and fruitful cooperation results, he noted.

To build on the achieved results, the State leader suggested that aside from increasing high-level meetings, the two ministries should step up exchanges and cooperation.

As the global situation remains complex, bilateral defence cooperation is of importance, he went on, adding that the Vietnamese Party and State always provide the best possible conditions for the Vietnamese ministry to coordinate, share opinions, and cooperate with its Cuban counterpart in the areas matching their capabilities and demand.

He asked for stronger economic, trade, and investment links to create an important material and logistical basis for national construction and safeguarding in each country.

Congratulating Cuba on the successful organisation of the recent summit between the Group of 77 (G77) and China, President Thuong said Vietnam always supports the Cuban people’s just struggle and objects to the embargo and sanctions against the Caribbean nation. He hopes the two peoples will stay united more strongly to jointly develop and safeguard their nations.

Thanking Vietnam for its consistent support for Cuba, Sotolongo stated their solidarity is unique part of a special relationship globally and a symbol of relations and cooperation of the era.

Cuba hopes to further enhance relations and cooperation with Vietnam, he added.

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