Vietnam highlights achievements of Cuba and its Communist Party

The Communist Party of Vietnam highlighted the determination of Cuba and its Communist Party to build a prosperous and sustainable socialism despite the difficulties imposed by the complex world situation.

In its congratulatory message regarding the VIII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam congratulated “very warmly the Cuban brothers for the great achievements made in the implementation of the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, as part of the process of updating the Cuban economic and social model".

The text maintains that "the Communist Party and the brother people of Cuba have shown great efforts, the will and determination to promote and further deepen the work of building a prosperous and sustainable Socialism on the heroic island."

It underlines "the special relationship between Vietnam and Cuba, in which the exchange between both parties is the political base and plays an important guiding role in promoting bilateral ties."

The message, which was widely published by the local press, evokes the feelings of brotherhood, solidarity, fidelity, loyalty, transparency, the great support and aid between both parties.

"We reaffirm the consistent and invariable position of the Party, the State and the people of Vietnam to continue strengthening and deepening the exemplary relationship and traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation, faithful solidarity".

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