Cuba in UN

Statement delivered by Ambassador Elio Rodríguez Perdomo, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Cuba, at the First International Migration Review Forum. New York, 19 May, 2022.

Mr. President;


With the adoptionof the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, the international community provided its support for the first intergovernmental agreement to meet the global challenges relating to migration.

This Review Forum provides an opportunity to reflect upon the progress made and the stumbling blocks that still prevail in the implementation of that important instrument.

Cubans commemorate anniversary of Jose Marti’s fall in combat

Havana, 19 May 2022. Cubans on Thursday commemorate the 127th anniversary of the fall in combat of National Hero Jose Marti (1853-1895), organizer and initiator of what he called the necessary war to break the island's subjection to the Spanish colonial yoke.

US maintains unchanged hard core of blockade, analyst says

Havana, 18 May 2022. The recent US measures on Cuba, even though they are positive, on Wednesday maintain the hard core of the blockade, particularly the Helms-Burton Act and the inclusion in the arbitrary list of State sponsors of terrorism.